Thursday, 17 November 2016


Last Wednesday our whole school went to Sylvia Park to watch our manaiakalani movies.   The presenters had to come to school early because they had  to go Sylvia Park early so they could practice.  Then when the whole school got there I was so nervous because I was a presenter.  The presenters had to sit in the front row where all the other presenters were.  But some people had to present twice and me and Marika was one of those people who had to present twice.

The second time we presented was in front of three other schools and those schools were Tamaki Primary, Stone Field and Glenbrae.  We felt so shy but watching other schools manaiakalani movies was so amazing. When it played our class movie I felt so embarrassed  because I was acting in our class movie. People came up to me and said how awesome I was, it made me feel happy.

When the Manaiakalani Film Festival finished I walked out proud of myself we went back to school with the seniors. Because the rest of the presenters were presenting three times and we had no one  to go back to school with.  When we got to school heaps of people were asking us how did we go.  We felt so happy to be back at school with all of our friends.


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