Tuesday, 26 September 2017


When we went onto the bus most of our group was excited my group was Broklyn, Quincess, jarreka, Benjamin,Toby ,Freedom and Jazzelle . We got to star-dome Mrs Buchanan went to meet a worker named john we all went to a room in our groups John talked to us about stuff in space. After that one group got two clipboards each clipboard had seven Question on it was boys against girls. My group beat the girls after that we all went inside the dome where we look up and watch a space Movie. We wernt getting sore necks because the chairs were leaning a back a bit.  Something i learnt was that the moon can cover Australia

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Bob going to space

Bob is going to space to live on planet mars and explore space. He will also have some fun because you will float around. Because the gravity persent is 0% and it will also be hard for bob to brush his teeth cause he staying there he's also new. Bob very likes floating he likes floating because you can do anything. In space you have to eat frozen and hard food.

Solar Eclipse

I sprinted down the road with Jacob, ajf, sione, Auntie, Uncle, Toby, Freedom and, Ben. Untill we got to a city in a crowd looking at the sky. Jacob said what is happening’’ Hmmmmmm i think its the solar Eclipse. OMG it actually is solar Eclipse We saw plenty of people siting around a table with glasses. Excuse me what are these for’’ These are for looking at the solar Eclipse in the sky i’ll have 8 pairs please. So we put on our glasses and looked at the sky we were all amazed at what had been happening We all got a chance to see a solar Eclipse.

Capture The flag

When we went  towards the field Neo was chasing after use. Miss West got very annoyed with the students from class because they were playing with Neo. Arriving at the field, we set the cones out with some of the students in my litracy classl.  it was to muddy. We  had too start all over cause itn was too muddy It also wasted a bit of time. It was a  Beautiful sunshiney day and we went on to the school field. And set up the cones, houlahops, and the flags. The game we went to play was capture the flag it was pretty fun to play with my class some of my friends were goose guarding. Our teacher said we were there for a hour but it really felt like 10 minutes.