Friday, 28 October 2016

Bread making

Rugby Player Tanielu

This day is a big day for Tanielu he is getting ready for the college rugby finals against Sacred Heart college. When he wakes up  he gose for a shower and has his weetbix for breakfast. Tanielu  was in a rush because he will be late and miss his bus to school because that where they have to meet to catch another bus to Eden park.

He made it to the park and just after that he rushed to put his gear on.Tanielu was the first five for his team that is number ten.Tanielu and his team done a preyer Tanielu felt so Nervous that they might lose When he got on the field Tanielu made the kickoff and off the game went.On the last 10 seconds Tanielu scored the wining try because the ponints were a draw.

Tanielu felt very happy when he scored that final try then they went to auckland champs and they won all of their games. When Tanielu got to the changing room all of Tanielus mates congragulated him. because he scored the wining try he was so exited. Then when he went home he told his younger siblings.

Friday, 21 October 2016

The Scientist

The Scientist

One day in a laboratory their was a svintist named Mr strechy hands he had to make an ointment to make his and smaller. But he made an ointment that made his hands more strechy and longer.He put water,seeds,rubber bands,and Oil and Mixed it together and something went wrong the thing that was bad is that his legs went strechy just like his arms.

Mr strechy hands had to do all of his work and his ointment in some test tubes in his laboratory.He tried allday to make an ointment that had to mke his legs and arms not strechy. Then his father made an ointment that finaly made his legs and arms not strechy.

After his legs were not strech he “shouted yah my legs are not strechy any more. Mr strechy hands said and him and his father wanted to go and see Mr strechy hands mother.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Lost Boy

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 1.22.45 PM.png
Zac was a  boy and he was 16 and he lived with his father and his mother. They told Zac to go to the park with his friends and went to the park and suddenly. They walked into a teleporter and teleported into the middle of Paris.

His father was a scientist and made a big airplane and flew all the way to Australia where his father and mother was and he said to his mother “I will never go to the park mum, I will only go if I have an adult.”In Paris Zac felt petrifiedand sad.On his way home on the plane he felt so happy he was go to his mummy and daddy

Then Zac learnt to never go to the park without an adult all he will get teleported to another country. Were he does not know any one.