Friday, 19 February 2016

dark forest

On a plane  Zac and his mum were going on a trip to America and then Zac went to the bathroom, then the step mum threw Zac out of the plane.  Zac landed in a very  creepy spooky scary dark black forest he ran as fast as he could then suddenly Zac falls into a very deep hole the trees fall.  Zac tries to jump as high as he can to grab a branch and climb out but he falls back down his uncle and his dad come to save Zac. They tried running away but a witch trapped them she took them to a very spooky house she put them in a cage full of zombies also full of pig zombies to kill them all. Zac and his uncle and his dad tried to fight back but they were too strong they tried there best to kill the zombies they worked together and they killed them.They went to fight the witch then Zac saw a sword he ran towards it and sliced the witch. into little pieces then they lived happily ever after. Zac’s family was so happy to see him again

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